An harmonious construction developed over 6 centuries

The pond throw back the south front of the castle
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Vue de la vallée du Bô
Rosanbo castle look down on the Bô
The castle, stronghold of the Coskaër de Rosanbo family, then of the Le Peletier de Rosanbo, has been modeled with the wire of generations.

In the 14th century, is built a fortified castle on a strategic headland, located 4 miles from the Saint Michel-en-Grève bay in order to prevent the ascent of Bô by Scandinavian invaders.

In the 15th century, it is extended with a Gothic manor.

In the 17th century, is added a wing in view to create a closed courtyard.

That was done in the 19th century, with the last construction.

In the meantime, in the 18th century, Joubert architect created large windows and roofs in Mansart.


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